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  • Mastodon

    I’ve recently joined Mastodon, as a refugee from Twitter. My username is Join me there if you want! Mastodon

  • Let’s party like its 1999 – 5th Edition reflections

    It has been just over 2 years since 5th Edition D&D came out, and I thought I would share my impressions of it. The Good The advantage system is great – it really makes it so much easier to run. Instead of calculating modifiers, you just say “take advantage on the roll” (or disadvantage, of […]

  • The Hexed Gamer is back!

    After a couple of years working shifts I am now able to put some effort into my blog…rising like the Phoenix from the ashes. What am I playing at the moment? I have just started playing in a FFG Star Wars game, where I play a Bothan spy. We are currently caught in the middle […]

  • GMing the Pathfinder Starter Set

    On Monday I ran the Pathfinder Starter Set with 4 players new to RPGs, and I had a blast (and it seems they did too!). We were using the adventure in the box, and the four ‘iconic’ characters (Fighter (Mark), Wizard (Bruce), Rogue (Adam H) and Cleric(Adam N)). It didn’t start well – two Goblins got the […]

  • Dungeons and Dragons is 40 years old today (we think)

    On 26th January 1974 at 1.40pm EST (7.40pm GMT), E Gary Gygax invited some friends around his house to play a new game. Based on his Chainmail minatures rules, the game used the Man to Man variant of those rules to run adventures in fantasy dungeons, based on the works of Tolkien, Vance, Leiber etc (although […]

  • The New Hexed Gamer

    Welcome to the new home of The Hexed Gamer, using WordPress. I have expanded the site to include PC games that I play, as well as Role-Playing Games and Boardgames (both Eurogames and Wargames).

  • 2nd Edition, here we come!

    I will hopefully soon be running AD&D 2nd Edition for my Monday night group, which is currently making its way through the Serpent’s Skull Pathfinder AP. After running 3.x and Pathfinder since 2000, it will really make a nice change :-). We will be playing with the class/race splat books, and a lot of the […]

  • Kill the monsters and take their stuff

    I have been developing a new RPG over the last year or so: it is intended to allow quick and dirty dungeon based adventures, at least initially. It is called Kill the monsters and take their stuff, which I think sums up the ‘old-school’ philosophy. This is shortened to Kill the monsters… or KTM. I […]

  • D&DNext first public playtest kit

    Well, its here – the first glimpse at D&DNext, via the first public playtest documents. It consists of 5 characters (Fighter, Wizard, Rogue and 2 Clerics), basic rules, DM guidelines, a bestiary, and an adventure (based on the caves of chaos from Keep on the Borderlands). Characters The clerics and wizard seem pretty solid. Turning […]

  • Red Stars sci-fi setting riff

    [also posted to] The year is 250 SE (socialist era) (or AD 2167 in the old, bourgeois dating).The Federation of Socialist Friendship (FSF) dominates the earth and space, following the collapse of the imperialist west in the 70s SE (1990s), and is itself dominated by the Soviet Union, reformed by Mikhail Gorbachev in the […]