The Hexed Gamer is back!

After a couple of years working shifts I am now able to put some effort into my blog…rising like the Phoenix from the ashes.

What am I playing at the moment? I have just started playing in a FFG Star Wars game, where I play a Bothan spy. We are currently caught in the middle of an Imperial invasion…

I am also running a 5e D&D campaign, which started with the Saltmarsh series, then went to Isle of Dread and is has just started Storm King’s Thunder (which is very good). Its amazing how easy it is to convert 1e and 2e modules to 5e. I am planning to run Dragon Mountain next.

Finally, I am running a Pathfinder game set in Ptolus. The party is in the middle of the Banewarrens adventure at the moment, and I plan to run 13th Age next (Eyes of the Stone Thief looks so good). I run this game on Mondays, and don’t work on that day so we can get a lot more sessions in.

I am working on a 5e setting called Greymark at the moment, and hope to put the information in a wiki at some point.

I am also hoping to get more involved with my gaming club to play more board games.



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