GMing the Pathfinder Starter Set

On Monday I ran the Pathfinder Starter Set with 4 players new to RPGs, and I had a blast (and it seems they did too!). We were using the adventure in the box, and the four ‘iconic’ characters (Fighter (Mark), Wizard (Bruce), Rogue (Adam H) and Cleric(Adam N)).

It didn’t start well – two Goblins got the drop on the party and attacked the Wizard and the Cleric. One was dispatched quickly, but the other was obviously a super Goblin, as it survived three rounds, before being downed by a Ray of Frost from the Wizard.

But things improved (although Bruce’s Wizard seemed to think he was a Rogue at times and got himself into several scrapes), and in the final show down against the ‘big bad’ of the dungeon was successful (although the Wizard and Rogue were both dying at one point, and were saved by the Fighter with a magical sword he found earlier).

As I said, it was fun for me (and different to run Pathfinder for a new group), and the players seemed to enjoy it. I was amazed how fast they slipped into the ‘architypical’ roles – the Rogue palming treasure etc.

I am looking forward to the next session!



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