10 Things I learnt from RPGs

Ten things I learnt from reading and playing RPGs:

  1. What a diety is (AD&D)
  2. How the Numbers game works (Gangbusters)
  3. How to fix the Numbers game (Gangbusters)
  4. French Roulette uses 0 instead of 00 (James Bond 007)
  5. Differences between various pole-arms (AD&D)
  6. How to pronounce ‘Scenario’
  7. The format of medieval jousts (King Arthur Pendragon)
  8. Various parasites in Africa and their effects (Dark Continenent)
  9. Medieval metaphysics (Ars Magica)
  10. Japanese ritual suicide is called Seppuku (not Hari-Kari) and consists of 3 cuts (Bushido)

Just goes to show the educational benifits of RPGs…







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