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  • 2nd Edition, here we come!

    I will hopefully soon be running AD&D 2nd Edition for my Monday night group, which is currently making its way through the Serpent’s Skull Pathfinder AP. After running 3.x and Pathfinder since 2000, it will really make a nice change :-). We will be playing with the class/race splat books, and a lot of the […]

  • Return to Second Edition

    [Archived from www.thehexedgamer.co.uk] Recently, my gaming group have started a 2nd Edition AD&D campaign – and it’s been interesting. Travel back with me to D&D, 90’s style… My group currently has 3 players and a DM, but another player is about to (re)join us. We were previously playing a long-term 3.5 campaign, from 1st-20th level. […]